Daniel Abijah Herrick (36)

Photo 1940

Father: Daniel Herrick(35) (1824-1903)
Mother: Elizabeth Locke (1832-1912)

Spouse: Lillian Iola Weymouth (1881-1969)

Biography Notes...

Born on a farm in Charleston, he went to (but did not finish) High School at Higgins Academy. He clerked and scaled lumber in the lumber camps in northern Maine. He farmed in Charleston then ran a hardware in Foxcroft Maine (now part of Dover-Foxcroft). He was the cook on a schooner hauling lumber from Searsport Maine to New York City.  He then became farm manager for farms in Sandy Point, Maine and Bowdoin, Maine. He had a small farm in Lisbon Falls and also a grocery store in Lisbon Falls. He lost the store in the Great Depression and moved back to a farm in Charleston. He died on the farm of cancer of the bladder at 79 years of age. He was active in the Baptist religion. He, his wife, and his unnamed daughter are buried in the Charleston Baptist Church cemetery.





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