Stephanie Colleen Herrick (39)

Father: Donald Butt Herrick (38)
Mother: Kathryn Elaine (Felker) Herrick

Biography Notes...

Born in Mountain View, California.  Grew up in Northern California, Italy, and Redmond, Washington.  Lived in Seattle and attended community college for 2 years, before saving up to move to Los Angeles, California on January 1, 2003.  Lived in West Hollywood while working as a receptionist for a high end salon, and attending Santa Monica College.  She then attended California State University, Northridge where she received a BA in Sociology, and UCLA Extension for a Certificate in Paralegal Studies.  She worked as a paralegal for two years before attending law school at Southwestern Law School.  She graduated with a law degree in May of 2011 and worked in the arbitration field for 4 years. She hopes to go into children’s law in the non profit sector in the future.

Stephanie lives in Los Angeles and enjoys attending local events, live music shows, art galleries, volunteering in her community, and spending time with friends and family.


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