Prudence (Herrick) Stanton graduation picture -- 1936.


In 1955:

Prudy in 2011:

Prudence Iola (Herrick) Stanton

Father: Daniel Abijah Herrick (36)
Mother: Lillian Iola (Weymouth)

Spouse: Eugene Stanton

Born in Bowdoin, Maine. Married Eugene Stanton (b.3-15-1913) on 10-8-1954 - a Lt. Col. in the Army Reserves who then went on to work for the Top Secret Fernald Plant (Atomic Energy Commission). Prudence was an engineering assistant for GE for 11 years, developing jet engines (top secret at the time: they were called "supercharged engines" to hide the fact that they were indeed jet engines!). She handled finances for several indigent people. In 2011 she lives in the Marjorie P. Lee center in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

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