Samuel Crowell IV

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Father: Samuel Crowell III
Mother: Lillian (Herrick) Crowell

Spouse: Liz A. Crowell

Biography Notes...

Graduated Marshwood high 1968, enlisted U.S.C.G. I am a member of the International longshoremans union. No real hobbies to speak of. Now here is a secret!!! The reason my address is sadsailor----I have no boat either. We (my family) visited Uncle Ted and Aunt Barbara many a time. I remember your house in Gardiner. It was on the corner of a secondary road and one of a higher speed. I also remember an accident a motorcyclist had at the intersection because he had been distracted by your sister sunning in your back yard. A funny side note, one or two of my sisters caused a wreck at our house by sunning on the roof over our porch. Also, I think I have a memory of your marriage! The memory I have is that you had an Indian motorcycle when you got married. We flattened the front tire so that you would have to use the car we had decorated up. You got us back though. after wheeling it into the driveway you popped a wheelie and the two of you made your escape! you didn't let the wheel down until you got to the service station down the street.


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