Martha Iola (Herrick) Raymond


Father: John Andrew Herrick
Mother: Priscilla (Batchelder) Herrick

Spouse: Peter Stanton Raymond

Biography Notes...

Born July 1, 1947 in Salem, MA. Married Peter Stanton Raymond (born June 13, 1949 in Needham, MA) on December 21, 1974. Graduated from Gordon College, Wenham, MA. We live near the junction of I79 and I80. We are 70 miles north of Pittsburgh and 70 miles south of Erie, just below the "lake effect" bad weather. A friendly little college town (5 colleges in the area, including Slippery Rock just south of us).   We are getting close to retirement and decided to get out of Vermont's tough winters, small towns with little to do, and high utility bills. When we moved out here last May, Peter began working part-time until there was an opening for full-time. Going with a second career later in life is one way to slow down for retirement, but there are drawbacks like starting over for vacation benefits. Peter's sister and brother-in-law are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary earlier in the summer. I just flew up by myself to join Carol for a week. We will return to Mass. and both our sisters for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Last year both our sons came here for Thanksgiving. and we had a quiet Christmas with just the two of us. Though it was our 35th anniversary, we had to postpone a special trip until next year. Well, we've had many past adventures to think back on, thankfully, Bermuda, Newport, Williamsburg, Alaska, Charleston, Saint Augustine.

I worked many years as a proofreader and copy editor for a weekly newspaper, but have not tried to find a job since we moved, between the economy and the need to establish an elaborate flower garden on our flowerless lot!  I had a couple plays for children published and hope I can get motivated to write again.


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