Captain Nathaniel Locke 

(The dates are given throughout according to the modern computation, i.e. New Style: consequently for the periods from Jan 1 to Mar 25, annually, till 1751, the years are later by one.)


Father: Nathaniel Locke
Mother: Dorothy Blake

1st Spouse: Abigail Prescott, m. 1726 d. 1735

Abigail (Prescott) Locke, Deborah (Locke) Buckingham, her infant child, and a Mrs. Noyes, were all lost in a vessel going from Falmouth, Me., to Cape Ann, Mass., in 1735. 


2nd Spouse: Mary Stubbs

Capt. Nathaniel Locke, born in Hampton, NH, Oct. 20, 1699, married his first wife, Jan. 6, 1725-6, Abigail Prescott, the daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth of Chichester; she was born Mar. 23, 1703, and was drowned in 1735 on a vessel going from Falmouth to Cape Ann, Mass (see map above). He married his second wife, Mary Stubbs of Cumberland, Me., the daughter of Richard and Rebecca Stubbs. She was born July 10, 1718, died Mar. 21, 1802. 

Nathaniel of Falmouth, Me., late of Hampton, sold Nov. 14, 1729, one original right of land in Chichester as one of the original proprietors. He and wife Mary were received in the Falmouth Church in 1742. In 1775 Capt. Nathaniel Locke carried 14 cords of wood from Falmouth into Boston to relieve the distress of the port bill. He was sentinel in Capt. George Berry's Company, Falmouth, May 19, 1746 to Jan. 19, 1747.


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