Father: Frederick Iaac Jr.
Mother: Mary Galloway

Spouse: Pucksinwah (or Pucksesheniwau) Indian Chief.

Biography Notes...

Marguerite Mary Iaac -- Mother of Tecumseh (http:/ and Tecumpease, was born between 1728 and 1737 in Hampshire Co. WV. Her parents were Frederick Iaac Jr. who was born about 1713 in Holland (and died in Monongalia Co. WV) and Mary Galloway, born about 1690.

While Frederick and some men were out one day, many members of his family were attacked and killed by a band of indians. His wife Mary Galloway Iaac was among those found dead. Some of the children were taken as captives, Marguerite Mary Iaac, who was between the age of 5 and 10, William Iaac, John Iaac, and Christina Iaac. 

Marguerite Mary
Iaac ended up with the Cherokee, she may have been traded to them, or sold, or captured by them. It was told that she had flaming red hair and was very pretty. She spent many years with the Cherokee, but was taken captive by the Shawnee after a battle between the two tribes. Mary soon became a favorite in the eyes of the Shawnee Chief, Pucksinwah, and they were married.

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