Samuel Crowell III

rear  ------------------JoNancy----Marcia----------------------Samuel III--------------------Lillian--Krickett---Ann
front ---------------------------------------------Samuel IV------------------Debby------------------Errica

Spouse:  Lillian Roberta Herrick married 8-26-1939

Father: Samuel Crowell II


With Son and father,
......Sam IV...........Sam III................Sam II

Samuel III was a Lt. Commander in the US Naval Reserve and was a mechanical engineer who designed submarines. Some of the family spent time in Turkey while Samuel did a liaison tour there. Lillian and Sam were honored with the Fabyan Drake Award. Also of note, they sold a Revolutionary War-era journal in 2000 for a record amount, the article includes a lot of information on Sam and Lillian and their life in Eliot. They had seven kids Lillian (Ann), Jo Nancy (Jo), Marcia, Deborah (Debby), Samuel (Bo), ErricaKristen (Krickett)  


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