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On vacation in the Abacos Islands:

My beach cottage.

A conch I found on the beach.

The view from my beach cottage.

Looking west from the cottage.

Just west of the cottage,

East of the cottage. We had a big party here Saturday night.

The local critters, called "Curly Tail". The local dogs are feral (wild) and are called "potcake" dogs.

Walking up the beach, you come to the rocks!

Cool rock formations here in Abaco!

Sunrise out my front window.

Night heron here in Abaco


My snorkeling picture.

Another of my snorkeling pictures, so clear water!!

Kay Politano's photograph, not mine!!

Another Kay Politano's photograph, not mine!!

A third Kay Politano's photograph, not mine!!


View from plane - blue water and white sandy beaches.

Our plane to and from Miami.

Me on moped #1 (of 2 on the island!).

Pelican Beach Villas

The Island Abaco in the eastern Bahamas - multi million dollar homes!.