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David's airplane taking off in the snow!!

I had a wonderful trip to London to visit Heather and Michael, they were
wonderful hosts and gave me lots to see and do in their beautiful city. We
took a walk along the River Thames, saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the
Parliament buildings, Buckingham Palace, Trefalger Square, and many more
things in and about London.
They have a beautiful flat that is bright and roomy. I was very comfortable
there, waking up to birds singing and being served scrumptious meals.
The time change threw me a little, but I adjusted and ended up having a
lovely holiday.

Picture # 1 is of the building where Heather and Michael have their flat.



        #2 Michael at the front door.



        #3 Heather staining shelves to put up in the living room.



        #4 Your typical London double-decker bus. They went all over the
city, take you anywhere. Between the busses and trains, you don't need the
expence or bother of a personal vehicle.



        #5 A London cab, very nice ride from the train station to their
house the first day. After that we enjoyed the walking and train riding
wherever we went.



        #6 Beautiful gardens all over the city, especially around Buckingham
Palace. Lovely couple in the foreground.



        #7 No tour of London would be complete without Big Ben.



        #8 Heather and I in front of Westminster Abbey, a truly large and
beautiful building.



        #9 The lovely couple in front of Buckingham Palace.




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