The Marly Group

of the

 Museum of Fine Arts

St. Petersburg, Florida


"MARLY" is an acronym from the first names of the founding benefactors of the Museum of Fine Arts, Margaret and Lyall Stuart. Marly was also the name of the Stuart's estate on the Hudson River. Lyall Stuart was involved in the "Storm Mountain Case" there on the Hudson River where, in 1966, modern day environmental concerns were first taken seriously.  After Lyall's death, Margaret sold the estate and used the proceeds to fund the construction of the Marly Room at the Museum of Fine Arts. The Marly Group took its name from this recital hall and meeting room, where its inaugural  event was held on September 20, 1979.

Since 1979 the group has had many years of combining business and pleasure. We do this by frequent and informal social occasions, both in the Museum and at a variety of venues throughout the community. The group's purpose is to foster a reciprocal relationship between its membership and the Museum. The Museum provides material and artistic resources, and the Marly Group invokes interest in the Museum. The Marly Group thus has become a community outreach program for the Museum.

To become a member, call the Museum at 727-896-2667. Also see the website for the Museum: