Side trip Marrakesh to Ouzoud Falls

Irrigation conduits, reminiscent of the the Roman water works of ancient times.

Sheep wherever they can find something to eat!

What is called an "inverted siphon" at each field access. A box at either side and pipe underground to convey the water under the drive.

Huge piles of bales of hay!

Usual transportation.

Another mode of transportation, a motorcycle with a truck body.

Missed this one, donkey and cart.

More sheep

Typical dress.

Police looking for smugglers

Old and new! Riding a donkey, talking on his cell phone!


More donkeys.

Tazart, Morocco

Farmers here seem to wear a hat with a flat brim.

Lehmadna, Morocco

Fruit or nut trees.

Massive amounts of hay!

Ouled Yaaakoub, Morocco

Narrow streets!

Cactus and fruit trees

Stop sign

Kids on break at school

Selling fruit on the roadside

Mosque on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere!

Starting the hike down to the pools at Ouzoud Falls!

Olive trees being grown by families

Laundry drying


Roots exposed.

Our guide showing us a seed from a carob tree (where chocolate comes from the pods of the tree). 
The carob seeds themselves are inedible, but they were observed to have a very uniform size and weight. This made them very useful for traders. The seeds were used to balance a scale when weighing precious gemstones, where the tiniest change in weight makes a difference. A higher number of seeds indicated a heavier and therefore more valuable stone. Different countries had slightly different values for what number of seeds was equivalent to what value of gems, but the use of the seeds was consistent throughout the Middle East and Europe. Ultimately, two seeds were considered a "carat", the measure of weight used in weighing diamonds! Carat being a version of carob!
  In 1907, the Fourth General Conference on Weights and Measures adopted the Metric Carat as the official measurement for gemstone weights , today it is universally accepted. One Metric Carat is one fifth of a gram, which is 0.2grams or two seeds.





A bed our guide said is in a spot used by pirates on the river!

A pool downstream of the falls.

Lower falls.

Getting ready for a swim.

A walkway out to a rock.

Get ready.....


Cold water on a hot day!

A bird on that walkway out to a rock. A lot like our Palm Warbler!

The female?

A tent on the far side of the river.

Up over a rise.

The fancy boats down at the pool.

Our group and the oarsman!

Our Oarsman.

We had just climbed down this trail!


A horse all dressed up!

Fun picture at the falls

Monkeys on the trail back up!
















An olive on a tree where we ate lunch.