Photos Day14

First, the Yves Saint Laurent Gardens












In a pond were pond lilies, until this was blown up, I had no idea there were insects all over the flowers!













Some guys having fun!









Off to the market, the lineup of the horse and buggies.





A communal water faucet.

The atrium of the building where caravans called on. The camels were kept in the atrium and the wares were displayed. The rooms were for the camel drivers.



Now the lower rooms are used for artisans, on the left a man was making tea pots! On the right making belts and sewing leather goods.



The baker!! Women in the area knead bread and send the dough to this guy who bakes it. The fire has been kept going for 600 years. That way individual homes get fresh bread without having to have a hot oven going.

The wood supply. They do not have big trees locally.





Another school.

















Making a belt.



Man cutting sandals from leather 

Man making the sandals next door.



Metal working area



Making things out of metal.









Working with wool




Room in my hotel





Lady on the street.

Back to the market in Marrakech.

















Going back to the hotel.

Mancart with my luggage.