Casablanca, side trip to Rabat
Moroccan House Hotel
Hotel elevators


Hotel room door.

Train station Casablanca

Train station Rabat
A visit to the Kasbah. 

Sultan Yacoub al Mansour, who built the famous Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakesh, hired an Arab tribe (the Oudayas) to defend the city and refortified the area. Set in Morocco’s capital on the mouth of the Bou Regreg river, the Udayas Kasbah (or as it’s also known, Oudayas Kasbah) is one of the country’s most unique sites. Originally built in the 12th century and renovated many times since throughout the centuries, it has been home to Arab tribes, Andalusian immigrants, and some of Morocco’s most powerful sultans. Walk up the steps leading to the imposing gate of Bab Oudaya and discover the winding streets of the Kasbah that will take you to Rabat’s oldest mosque, beautiful gardens, and an exquisite museum. 

Outside the Kasbah (walled area) 

Entry and our guide 


 Crazy alleyways! 

Plenty of cats 

 Looking back at the entry  

People live here! 



A resident


Built in 1378

View of Sale across the river, Atlantic to the left.

Cemetery off to the south.

Atlantic Ocean

Oudaias tribe


Convenience store in the maze

Date palm

Gardens in the center

Lady with IPad and husband with full garb.

Their version of a handicapped ramp?

On to the ancient market at Rabat




Man carts to move merchandise around.


Train station

And back to Casablanca

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