Day 8 and 9 of my trip, day 4 and 5 of the Tour, October 23 and 24, 2017
We left Fez in the morning after our usual breakfast and were on the road to Merzouga, going through valleys, and off to our camel ride!!

We crossed a 6042 foot high mountain range.

A town snuggled up to the mountain, date palms in the valley.

Back on the road

A traffic circle in apple country! Midelt, Morocco.

In a later period on our route, instead of going around on the edge of the mountain, they were cutting right through!

Apple trees?

Ait Kharrou

Interesting rock/sand patterns

Tiny town of Tassalaht, but they have their mosque.

Stop outside Er-Rich, Morocco for a picnic, benches and a spring!

A narrow tunnel!











A rest stop.

A dammed up river outside of Errachidia, Morocco



Another pit stop. Outside Ouled Chaker, Morocco.


Palm branches set out to halt the encroachment of the blowing sand.




A new waterline being run along almost every road we traveled!

The sale of fossils was everywhere!! 

Camels! Not the ones we rode however.

One of the structures on the north edge of a dune area.

A caravan??


The entrance to our hotel in Las Yasmina.

Still under construction.

Our dromedaries!!

Tents adjacent to the hotel Amazir.

The camel I rode on!

Some like to ski the dunes!

Path down to the tents at the hotel.

Abdellah showing us how to stay on the camel!

Map of our 2 mile camel ride out into the desert.

And we are off!

A palm tree about to be swallowed up by the dune!!

We reached the encampment Auberge Yasmina.

Some tried to climb the dune!!

The sheik, ready for sand storms.

There is wildlife way out there!

Dinner served

Drumming by natives!!

And dancing

Inside the tents, the multiple blankets at the bottom of the beds were needed!!

The tent entrance

Day 9, tent site to hotel, then from Merzouga to Todra Gorge

We were up early, before dawn!

Early start

Another group on their camels before daylight

A solar panel provided electricity


Breakfast after the camel ride back to the hotel.

Leaving the desert behind, after breakfast we were gone!

A lady cooking using 15 tajines!!

Stop for selfies!

We stopped for a walk down along the farmland adjacent to the river.

Down some stairs.

A wall preventing erosion.

A bridge across the river.

Looking up to the abandoned houses, the newer construction was on the other side where the people lived.

Abdellah telling a story as to which family owned which tree

Walking between the family plots.

A mancoming down to tend his plot.


Water conveyed to each plot


The community well

A tree being eaten from the inside had to have fire to produce smoke to kill the pest or they would lose the tree.

The way back out to the bus!

Back to the bus

On to Todra Gorge

Then on to the hotel Amazur for the night.

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