My man bag

Red sand from the Sahara Desert!

A 2 foot by 3 foot rug hand made by Moraccan women, I was told that 80% of what I paid went to the person who wove it.


A tiny fossil (about 2 inches long).

The artist painted this with a clear substance (I have not found out what it was) so he was holding what looked like a blank piece of heavy paper. Then he held it over a propane torch heating up the back. Slowly this appeared! An amazing process! This was the Ben Haddou castle he was in. The next one was done the same way, it is a picture of a lady he said.

A geode, the photo does not do it justice, in full sun it looks like pure gold inside!

A 15 inch high drum to add to my collection. The natives hold it the other side up and hit it with an upward stroke!

This one I have no idea what it is, they take a teaspoon of it, put it on a cloth, then twist up the cloth, next rub the cloth on your arm to warm it up. You then smell it and it really seems to open up your sinuses!

This is a rock I plucked from the walls of the stables. It appeared that they used stone like this (about 4 by 5 by one inch) stacked up with sand in between to make the walls. Then they used mortar to keep the whole thing from falling apart. After 500 years during an earthquake it failed.

A trilobite.

A mini tajine. The very top does not get hot even as the food inside is cooking!

A piece of strap from the camel saddle, the ring appears to have been hand made.

Mint tea, it smells wonderful.

A refrigerator magnet!

A hand made knife, I watched them make a similar one, this is 6 inches long.
I purchased this coffee cup on the sidewalk in Rabat for $.50.

Two dresses for Amy and Sarah.

A scarf

A skull cap.

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