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Next was two weeks in Ohio working to spend those "Obama Bucks" (ARRA funds to stimulate the economy), money we don't have to artificially move the economy. If you were out of work and out of money - would you borrow money to spend on your house?  Neither would I, but Obama thinks he knows better. 

I went to the
  Banana Split festival  
and had fun climbing the rock wall. I saw a doe and two bucks right beside the road and got some super pictures of them. Unfortunately my camera somehow got its settings set to manual and 1/8000 of a second. That did not let in enough light to record the fantastic pictures!! I was trying to take the pictures while parking and talking to the manager of the Denver office - he was trying to figure out how we were going to do the Risk model with the person who was in charge of doing those calculations out of the country!

I bought a few things from a roadside stand manned by two Amish kids, a girl in full get-up and a boy with no shoes. They had come from their farm in their horse drawn buggy.

Sign on a typical Ohio barn.

Miss Chiquita Banana

One of the many cars in the show.

One of the crowd, enjoying a ride on a swing.

The Amish horse.

Barefoot Amish boy on his wagon (girl is around the corner). Bread and cakes on the counter, woven baskets on the ground.