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Deepwater Horizon

7-22-2010 I drove down to the beach at Grand Isle. The beach itself is clean and there was no oil in the water, but there were workers patrolling up and down to pick up anything that did come ashore. Then on my way off the beach I came across an abandoned bridge and went down to get a sample of the water to see if there was any oil coming through the pass. There was no oil in the water, but I found where someone had brought ashore a large amount of oil! The oil covered the rocks used to protect the bridge. The oil looked black, but when I picked up a rock, the oil came off dark brown. I found a sheet of the white (now off-white) cloth that was used to capture the oil in a trash container by the oil and used that to clean off my hands. Oily rocks and cloth below:

There were about 50 hermit crabs on top of a large rock, it looked like they did not want to crawl off of the rock because there was oil all around the rock. It looked like they were marooned.

Location of the oil (above between the bridges on shore).

Bobcats on the beach, beach was closed and had a "jelly roll" all along it to prevent any oil from coming up on the beach.

Ship out in the bay, I saw many ships, including Coast Guard and Navy ones.

Hopefully the oil will not come ashore any more; who knows with Tropical Depression Bonnie heading this way! I just hope I can get home tonight!!

Oil Well update:

BP wants to let the well sit, not touch it, close it off from the bottom via the well being dug 13,000 feet below the sea floor, and be done with it. Sounded like a good idea to me, but Thad Allen (US gov. National Incident Commander):

said that BP had to reopen the well and let it flow, but mostly into ships on the surface. This sounded like a strange request until I read the following:

“Thad Allen wants to do containment because they want to find out what the real flow rate was,” 
Don Van Nieuwenhuise
 director of Petroleum Geoscience Programs at the University of Houston, said in an interview yesterday. “Unless they do something like that, they’ll almost never be able to prove what the true flow rate was.”

And so, there you have it, Thad wants to know how much the well is producing so that a fine can be calculated!!

Now we are into the cleanup phase!!!!

At 2:35 Central time this afternoon (July 15, 2010) I was watching the well when I saw - NO MORE OIL!! The robot "SKANDI ROV 1" put down the dispersant injection tool, and it was all over!! Following is a screen shot of the robot (on the right) who was closing the last valve!

In the middle of the above photo is the black stovepipe hat looking thing (an 18" pipe - although it looks a lot smaller than that!) that was gushing oil until last night, it now has a cap on it!. 

Wow, it is finally over - 3 months, 3.9 million barrels of oil escaped into the Gulf! Hopefully it will hold (the gauge showed 2,800 psi which is a lot!) and we all can go back to normal daily lives!! The cameras went to show crabs running around on the sea floor at one time, and just now a squid went by - that was funny! Clean again!!


I am working for the Army Corps and they have been under fire for holding up issuance of permits for work others think need to be done to prevent the oil from coming ashore. Here is a link to the response (permits are not being held up - 90 miles of work has been approved!). Check out the second page as well:

Two flames from the ship burning off the oil in the Gulf (photo I took from the plane 6-9-2010)

Police boat out in Lake Pontchartrain:

Zoomed in:

They found the guy who ran his boat into the causeway piling two days before.

Oil in Gulf is threatening our west side of Florida!

Below is a photograph I took 6-21-2010 as I flew into New Orleans:

All the red dots are small fires where they are burning off the oil!

My idea is to drill two holes, one on either side of the well. Then pack each with explosives and seal the holes to the top. When the explosives are set off well below the seabed, the resultant pressure will collapse the well like a soda straw. If it does not seal it off completely, the flow will be reduced such that it can be contained. They know exactly what the makeup of the rock they drilled through is and can figure out how deep to go and how much explosive to use to collapse the well and not just make more of a mess. Anyone have a better idea to stop this - and now?  


Downtown New Orleans from my hotel on 5-14-2010 at sunset.





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