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Presentation I gave to Gulfport July 2017

Photographs by John Herrick unless noted.


What I am going to cover
Legal Aspects
Audubon Society
Florida Fish and Wildlife Designation
Protection of Imperiled Birds
Black Skimmer Life
Monitoring by Dr. Elizabeth Forys and Eckerd College




American Oyster Catcher




The Black Skimmer beak is the narrowest of all birds.



Here the female is digging like crazy! See the flying sand behind her. Male is looking on.

Disputes over whose patch of sand is whose sometimes is settled in the air!

Terns (sisters to the Skimmers) like to join the Skimmers

Cute babies - hatchlings.


Starting to grow up.


Handsome dude!


Going right thru the birds!

Too young to smoke!



Photo by Lorraine Margeson

Research was funded by the Audubon Society and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. 
Data was collected by dedicated volunteers and Eckerd College students.
Florida Gulf Coast University for nanotags
Thanks to Dr Beth Forys, Eckerd College
Lorraine Margeson
And all the Volunteers!