Updated  Sunday, January 09, 2011

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Ira's Ghost (Hubble Photo). OK, if this is one tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the heavens (microscopic), and the best Hubble can do, how about those little dots, what are they! Will we someday be able to see them (and the planets around them), and beyond?

The shuttle had some cracks develop in the fuel tank, these are the wires to sensors to check it as they filled it the other day.

Lots of wires!

Attached to sensors:

Dots to watch as the tank is filled. If the resultant photo is very different (maybe a dot breaks in two?) they will know something about the problem.


Rick Olsen from the marina carved this for me!!


The shy kingfisher:

Mullet jumping:



Two at a time!

Kind of bedraggled, but a fearless hunter, notice the second "lower jaw"!

Snowy Egret