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1. Sailboat "Santa Maria" Jim had tossed out - I restrung it and fixed it up.

2. Stagecoach model, Jim had tossed the pieces in a box, all the leather had rotted, pieces were missing, etc., but I was able to rebuild it - Now I need two horses and a driver!!



Amazing pictures from Justin in Iraq:


Thought I would forward Justin's latest email...I asked him what he wanted if we were to send him stuff. He said beef jerky and health bars.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: justin herrick <jstnherrick@yahoo.com>
To: Marilyn and Darrell Herrick <sw73rdtrail@yahoo.com>; TDELP@IJ.NET
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 12:13:14 PM
Subject: Re: Hey


I just set up my computer access over here. Wow what a trip, it took 53 hours of traveling straight through to get here. We flew from Vegas to El Paso (picked up an Army crew) then to Bangor to Germany to Kuwait to Qatar. After arriving to Qatar, me and 4 other people rushed to the terminal as we were in processing our weapons for a flight leaving within the hour, while the rest of our group got to get a room and stay the night. We rushed over to the terminal only to wait for 3 hours. We finally took off on a C-130, flew to Bahrain then to Kuwait (again) then to a place in northern Iraq and then to our final destination. When I got off for the last time I was soo sick of flying...I don't ever want to fly again!!! The C-130 ride was interesting, before we landed in northern Iraq we were doing combat turns and banks I never knew a C-130 could do, even the Army guys were impressed, some even looked sick!!

The next few days is full of in processing and getting ready to take over. The compound is better than before we live and work and have trailers w/ tv's and stuff, it's not bad. I am 7 hours ahead of you guys and still trying to get adjusted to the 10 hr time difference I am used to. Anyways here is my address and if you could e-mail me your number so I can call you guys from time to time, the calls can only be a few minutes....they are tracked and if I abuse the calls they will shut down our phone lines! Love you!!


332 AEW / CSAR / 64 ERQS

APO AE 09315-9997

--- On Mon, 8/25/08, Marilyn and Darrell Herrick <sw73rdtrail@yahoo.com> wrote:

From: Marilyn and Darrell Herrick <sw73rdtrail@yahoo.com>
Subject: Hey
To: "Justin - Jody Herrick" <jstnherrick@yahoo.com>
Date: Monday, August 25, 2008, 6:58 PM

I talked to Caleb and he said he got your message that you are in Iraq!!! Glad you made it safely and I hope you are settled in. Tell us about what's going on over there and how it is this time!

We have been busy. One of the officers I work with moved today and we helped. Then we went out to dinner and had a good time.

Sorry about the phone call when you were in Bangor, Maine. It was hectic and crazy. We had a couple and their 11 year old son looking to buy a horse and was trying out Cody. It was really comical as Cody was on his absolute worst behavior. He bucked a little with both the kid and his 250 pound mother and generally was a pain in the butt....we haven't heard anything back from them. Not sure I would sell him to them even if they did call back.

Hope things are good and you are safe, write when you can. Love you so much and talk to you later

Dad and Marilyn



Kite surfing on an overcast day!


Nice new "hot" car.

Slightly different view. The owner climbed out of the car shortly before this stage of the fire. The aluminum hood totally melted away, all plastic items were consumed. I had called 911 just as the first flame appeared. If I had not, the entire car would have been consumed, and maybe even the driver in it - he was incoherent and sound asleep.

The windshield burned nicely, it was on fire as the driver was crawling out!

The driver got out just in time. He had burns on his face and right arm. He put his hands in the water stream that I was putting on his car from my garden hose.
The water did not even seem to get to the hood as it was burning so hot that the water evaporated in mid air.

Remains of the battery.

The aluminum bracket melted away. Since aluminum melts at 1220 F, I guess it was warm under here.



Photographs of the day, 7-8-08

(More pictures sitting here at my desk)

3. Monarch butterfly came by to lay her eggs..

4. Young osprey stretching a wing.

5. White Ibis preening, cleaning those feathers behind.

6. Osprey not paying any attention to the Pelican taking off after catching his meal.

7. Adult osprey resting.

8. Female Anhinga drying her wings.


Photographs of the day, 7-4-08

9. Yellow Crown Night Heron in my back yard, checking the left inside.

10. Cleaning up the neck and chest area.


12. Anything under the right side?

Fireworks on the beach.


Photographs of the day, 6-18-08

13. Great White Heron in my back yard.

14. Mating plumage.


16. Wonderful to have a backyard like this!!

17. White Ibis at the beach.


Sunset: it looks like the sun is sitting in a bed of cotton!





Photographs of the day, 6-14-08

19. Yellow Crowned Night Heron

20. Showing off his big chest!






Photographs of the day, 6-11-08





Photographs of the day, 6-9-08

Photographs of a Leaf Cutter Bee taken sitting at my desk: starting his cut.
The bee is very shy and flew away each time I tried to take his picture outside - 
even though I was standing 20 feet away out on the porch. 
He could not see me through the window though - but the photographs are 
distorted by the dirty window glass (the rain gets the window dirty every day!).
The bees use the rolled up leaf instead of wax to create the cell for their young,
it is a lot faster and more efficient than excreting wax all the time I would think!


About half way done his cut.

Moving along.

Mostly done.

Pipevine leaf after he left (total time about 10 seconds!).



Photographs of the day 6-8-08

25. Photograph taken sitting at my desk just before the afternoon cloudburst.

26. After the rain, shaking it off.

27. Great Blue also looking bedraggled after the rain.

28. Cleaning up his area after the storm downed branches.



Sunset Beach








Cowboys Roping Cattle