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South Carolina

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South Carolina

Swallowtail butterfly at Annie's Inn. 

1. Apple, cherry, or ??? blossom. 

Steeplechase Aiken, SC 3-23-08

Flowers at Annie's Inn


Battle of Aiken

An actor.

An actor in the audience.

Me and another actor.

The battle.


Field hospital.


Drummer boy.

After the battle.

The photographer, using real period equipment and silver film!

Rapt attention during surgery.

Actor in many movies he says.

Cannon fire at night.

                    Half                                                                     80%                                                                      Full     

Earth's shadow is still almost 10 times the moon's diameter, even as far away as it is.

Interesting facts, earth 12,756 km diameter, moon 3,476 km, ratio of 4:1, sun 110 times the size of the earth.

Earth to moon 384,400 km, earth to sun 149,597,870 km.   

Thus the shadow of the earth is 0 degrees, 32 seconds in arc or 3,556 km wide at the distance of the moon, 

the moon is 3,476 km in diameter, thus the earth's shadow just barely covers it!! 

No wonder the full eclipse is so short, and so rare.

Gidget and master on a sunny day here in S. Carolina.

Spring is here in S. Carolina, these daffodils are growing wild out on the SRS site.

A beautiful sunny spring day 2-18-08

S. Boulevard in Aiken

2-10-08 Nell and I went over to Muffy Seaton's place (http://www.muffyseaton.com/) to get her horse and carriage, then we went to Silver Bluff to the Audubon Center and Sanctuary where the group of 20+ carriages went for a ride!

2-9-08 In Montmorenci SC ("Sporting Days" three miles from me.)

I met Mark there, he is a real photographer (www.hoofclix.com), he had real cameras, not like mine!

In mid air!