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Maine, NH and Vermont

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2008 Reunion at Susan's (Donald was taking pictures and is not in the pictures of the whole group.


At Sue and Al's - our 2008 reunion.

Then my camera broke, and had to use my phone:




Trip to Maine, NH, and Vermont

Actually these were in New Hampshire on the way to Maine! (The one on the upper left was the real one!)

Bridge for cross country skiing in NH.

Ann, her husband Mike, and son-in-law-to-be Richard (back) all from England, with Courtney, Candy and Dan

Michael and Beth's "Charlie Brown" Tree.

Molly and Beth and the 7 foot snowman we built!

Me, Chloe, and Molly sledding!

Michael and Beth's home - a lot of snow!

Little antique pistol Mike gave me, anyone know what it is?

Big Jim, Michael, and Corbin on the ice at David's.

Street in front of Mike's.

Snowy home.

That is my rental car under there.

Welcome to snow land!

Snow shower!

Fun day sledding!

Coming back up the hill.

David plowing.

Filling the bird feeder.

Dan's airplane and three brother's.

Three brother's and family.

Interesting antique - any clue what it is??

Sunset flying over Bar Harbor, Maine.

Trip to Vermont


Road up to Michael's cabin - 3 feet of snow.

Icicles on Michaels Ice Sculpture.

Al's favorite squirrel.

AJ built a roof over the sawmill - only wood pegs hold it together!

AJ performing his magic with wood - building a beautiful cherry desk for his wife, Jenny.

Another of AJ's many projects.

Another chickadee.

Sue's chocolates - she made thousands this Christmas!

Sue & Al's maple sugar house -  their home is on the left (solar cells - their power! - below the center window).

Sue & Al opening Christmas presents.

Sue & Al's home for their beef, chickens and pig.

AJ.......Jenny.................................Al...........and Sue

AJ and all the dogs on the pond.

Mike's ice sculpture.

Snow coming off of the shed roof - it is 2 feet thick!

Al protecting his bird feeder from those pesky squirrels. 

Yet another chickadee.