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Mount Rainier (Cascades 14,410 feet) taken at a rest stop going from work to Amy's.

A basalt ridge on the Columbia River near Beverly, Washington.

The day after the fire on Rattlesnake mountain.

Me sailing on the Snake River, taken by my friend Scott Brim, owner of the sailboat.

Snake River sailing.

Night at the Tri-Cities Cable Bridge

Sunset at F-Reactor.

Wind generators

The Cascade Mountains.

The Last Teardrop

The Hanford site.

Herd of 60 or so elk after the fire.

The herd extended from my left to off the picture on the right!

Elk tracks and one cougar track as well!

The countryside - Rattlesnake Mountain in the background.

Black tailed jackrabbit.

Hanford site from the air, 16,000 year old gravel dunes. This was the bottom of a huge 1000 foot deep lake.

Pelouse falls

Coolee created 16000 years ago.

The circular action of the water left this portion intact (see the person on the point at the end of the trail?).

The coolee.

Irrigation is the only way anything can grow.

Little girl; at the rest stop trying to catch a snowflake.

The first snowfall, very early - October 19, 2007  - global warming?

I made a snowman!! Got cold hands, no gloves!