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2009 Reunion/ 2010 Memorial

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2010 Memorial


Stephanie has uploaded many more photos on flickr, contact her for access!

Photo found in dad's stuff:

Written on the back:

On the back of the above photograph:


Grandchildren and great grandchildren at Daniel's home:

All gathered at Daniels's new home:


Great Grandkids!


Newest member Philippa Ann:

Our usual "six kids" photograph:


Twins and cousins:


Daniel and Darrell with Cousin 


Group in Daniel's home:


Dad's memorial:


Some of the group assembled for the memorial:

And, thanks to Marilyn, some great photos:

Susan, at the end of the memorial:

Stephanie's Photos:

2009 Reunion

Prior to party Beth took us to do some rides!!

Amy and Chloe.

Me and Chloe

Who is the best looking? Daniel's dog!!

Us kids and dad.

Sue and Al and Dad.

Me, Amy, Sarah, Dad - Four generations!!

David, Jean and Dad.

Donald, Daniel (the actual host!) Jeanie and Dad

Beth, Molly, Chloe, and Dad. Beth took most of the pictures, so she was not in them!

Tracey, Zoe, Zander (Alexander), and Dad