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It has been a busy three months. Spent two months in Nevada working at the Nevada Test Site - Device Assembly Facility. My office overlooked the Yucca Flats where they set off the nuclear weapons:

News Nob where they took this photo was just outside my window. The scene nearby today:

I got to tour Sedan crater (worlds largest manmade crater):

"IceCap", the British - American joint test (which the nuclear test ban treaty stopped):

The Apple II test building the Japanese built:

and the 1800's oven:


I got to see the Hoover dam where dad's uncle Frank Weymouth was the chief engineer:

I took an airplane ride and took a picture of the dam from the air:


Justin got tickets for us to go to the NASCAR race there in Las Vegas and also spent time with him and his family:

Breannae and Alyssa

I also go to go out into the desert:

These are Joshua trees in the desert, and huge trees in the mountains:

And ski trails:

I saw one rabbit, two antelope, one coyote and one hawk. Only the rabbit was off the Nevada Test Site (no cameras are allowed onsite unless you have a special need - luckily I ran across the one lady on site who had permission - she took the pictures of me at Sedan, etc.).

Death Valley:

To snow and extreme cold in an hour's drive.

Then down to Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills visiting with my niece Stephanie:

Then off to Tennessee:

A little bitty (3 1/2 inches long) yellow bird with a big voice!

Two stray dogs I found in Nashville, if I were to be able to stay here at home for a long time, I would have kept them!!

And back to Florida:

Quite a catch from behind my home!!

Beach, kids and sunsets:

I always take my bunny rabbit to the beach to watch the sunset, don't you?

And off on a sail with Carl: