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Water Pump

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Getting ready to go to the site of the Largest Pump Station in the World!

Hardhat, safety glasses, vest, earplugs, ID, gloves. The green arrow points to the sample of the water from Lake Pontchartrain (in the background) and the black peat floating in it - we thought it might be oil (it was not).

Click here to see a translation of a Spanish website where the Pump Station is described

I was working at the WORLDS LARGEST WATER PUMPING STATION, in New Orleans! Interesting that it does not have a name, only WBV-90. It will pump 1 million gallons a minute.

Me in the mouth of one of the 11 intakes. The pump and motor will be attached on top!

What the station will look like in another year. The city of New Orleans is to the top left.

Aerial taken April 2010.

May 14, 2010 visit to the site. Look at all those cranes!!

And those above are only the large ones!

Man-lifts in play.

The back-hoe to the left looks tiny, but it is not! A huge tug going by upper left.

Curved rebar is for tying the 36 inch pipe piles to the future concrete slab.

The workers are carrying 50 pounds of safety gear!

150 foot 36 inch pipe pilings being driven.

Cute worker!

Another hard worker.

And all his buddies.

Driving pile on the other side of the canal (404C).

Sheet pile vibratory hammer.

Darrell at the site.

Flowers which are going to be disrupted!!