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My Bird Rescues 2010/2011

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19th call, me rescuing a pelican with fishing line wrapped around a wing:


18th call, a juvenile Night Heron


17th call, a duck about to be strangled by a fishing line around it's neck (below):

16th call, a wood stork with a broken leg (below):

15th call, a White Ibis with a hurt leg (below):

14th call, a cormorant (could not hold it's head up) (below):

A willet with a broken wing (below):

A cormorant with problems (below):

A seagull with a damaged leg (below):

A young Black Crowned Night Heron (very ill) (below):

A young Ibis with a damaged leg (below):

A great blue with a broken leg (below):

My first rescue, a pelican (below):

More on the pelican (above) I rescued. I caught the pelican OK, but did not have a large cage with me (the large cages do not fit in my little Volvo), so I put down a blanket and put him in the trunk. It is a 45 minute drive to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, and half way there I thought that he might be getting warm back there, it was 80 degrees out. So I stopped and folded down the rear seat back. Off we went. A few minutes later, here was the pelican perched on the seat back beside me! It was really neat driving along with a pelican perched there, he was looking around, watching everything!! Then he reached down and poked me on the arm with his beak. The have no barbs on their beak the way cormorants do, so when he bit me earlier as I was catching him, it felt like chopsticks grabbing my arm, no problem at all. But they do have a sharp point at the end of the bill. The point scrapped my forearm, but no big deal. The he poked me again, again no big deal, then he decided to attack! His bill came down and scratched me from my scalp to my right eye and his wings were beating me all about...while I was driving! Time to stop this. I pulled over and put him back in the trunk and closed it up for the rest of the ride! He and I were fine, but I then had a souvenir - a scar to talk about over Thanksgiving dinner! What an adventure!!

My Bird Rescues 2010

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